• New Purchase Order of Special Valve with Bypass

New Purchase Order of Special Valve with Bypass

On May 3rd, we got a new purchase order of special valve with bypass from West European customer.

Type: DIN Gate Valve
Amount: 8 Pcs. 
Size: DN400. 
Pressure: PN25.
Design: acc. EN1984, OS&Y, Flexible Wedge, Full Bore.
Bonnet: Bolted Bonnet.
Stem: Rising Stem.
Flanged acc. EN1092-1, Form B1 .
Application: Prepared for Actuator.
Face to face: acc. EN558-1/ Row 15.
Body Material: ASTM A216 WCB.
Trim Material: No. 5.
Media and Working Condition: Hot Water, 150 Degree C, 21 Barg.
Tightness : acc. EN12266-1.
leakage rate: A.
Connection of Acc. ISO 5210-F16
Size: Tr46 x 8LH.
No. : Turns 49
Torque: 720 Nm.
Type: Bypass Valve
Amount: 8Pcs. 
Size: DN50.
Pressure: PN25.
Operation: Handwheel.
Globe Valve
Body Material: ASTM A105.
Trim Material: No. 5.
Design: acc. BS5352 (ASME B16.34), OS&Y.
Bonnet: Bolted Bonnet.
Stem: Rising Stem.
Bore: Reduce Bore.
End: integral flange.
Flanged acc. EN1092-1, Form B1.
Face to face :acc. EN558-1/ Row 1.
Operation: Handwheel.